Elevate Your Vision and Refine Your Style

Your journey to choosing the perfect eyewear is a highly personal one, blending both medical needs and fashion preferences. At Collins Eye Center in Brentwood, TN, we are your expert companions, making this process effortless with seasoned guidance.

Eyeglasses, Lenses, and Frame Styles: Where Form Meets Functionality and Personalization

Eyeglasses are a harmony of design, material, and treatments, tailored to meet your unique visual demands. Our frame Stylists at Collins Eye Center consider not just immediate comfort but also long-term style and functionality, ensuring eyeglasses as unique as you are.

Discover the ideal eyeglass lens, personalized for your specific requirements. Whether you need single vision lenses or progressive polycarbonate lenses, our skilled frame Stylists stand ready to guide you in finding the perfect blend of comfort, function, and design.

Frame styles are an art in enhancing the beauty of your natural features. We understand the need for more than one pair of glasses, each carefully tailored to suit different activities and moods, transforming the experience of wearing glasses into one that is both enjoyable and stylish.

Sunglasses: Melding Style with Eye Safety

A wide array of lens options allows you to create sunglasses that cater to your vision needs, offer protection, enhance performance, and ensure comfort. Beyond UV radiation protection, sunglasses at Collins Eye Center minimize the risk of vision-related issues associated with sunlight exposure. Our polarized lenses address glare head-on, revealing more vibrant colors and reducing eye fatigue.

Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings: Unveiling Crystal-Clear Clarity

For wearers of prescription glasses and sunglasses, the annoying issue of glare and reflections can hinder clear vision, particularly in the evening. Anti-reflective lens coatings alleviate these nuisances, allowing more light to flood into your eyes, akin to turning up the brightness in a room, but tailored specifically for your visual experience.

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